September 11, 2010

Contact lens review for Max series (Pure Grey) !
These lens are probably one of my favourites. I've had them for nearly half a year now and I love them to bits! They're really good for enlargement as they provide awesome dolly eyes without going over the top. These were purchased from Okay, here's the advertised picture.

They look exactly like the advertised picture which is wonderful.

Here they are in their adorable case which I also purchased from Mukuchu. Their cases are of excellent quality!

Comparison photo

Natural white light. I decided to put on some makeup so my eyes looked a little more even --'


Natural light

Natural light

Design: 9/10 - One of my personal favourites. Their design blends in really well so even in flash photography you can't see your natural eye colour very much through the center of the lens.
Size: 10/10 - I love how they're 14.50mm lens. It gives a nice dolly look without going over the top and making you look like a bug.
Colour: 9/10 - They're a really nice shade of grey that aren't too dark or too light.

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